Guiding The Keys, Biscayne Bay, Flamingo

Guiding The Keys, Biscayne Bay, Flamingo

I specialize in guided fishing charters on the flats and back country of south Florida. This type of shallow water flats and back country fishing will get you back to nature in a relaxing environment of the protected waters in Biscayne Bay, Florida bay, Miami, Flamingo, and the Florida keys.

These areas offer some of the finest sight fishing found in the state of Florida. Some of the main species of fish that you will target on a guided flats fishing trip will be Tarpon, Bone fish, Permit, Snook, Red fish, Jacks, Barracuda, and many different species of shark. That all can be caught while fly fishing or on light tackle.

I have been fishing the waters of South Florida for over 30 years. And have been guiding the flats and back country waters of Florida for over 8 years FULL TIME! I’m a very calm and easy to get along with captain. And I enjoy guiding anglers of all different skill levels including Children. I believe in using the best tackle possible. Fly fishing Spin or Plug fishing to insure that your trip is fun and you will be able to land the fish of your dreams.

Flamingo (everglades national park):

This is Florida’s flats and back country fishing bonanza! Here you can sight Fish the miles of grass flats of Florida bay all the way back to the Florida Keys. Or venture deep into the back country wilderness of uninhabited islandsWhere the fresh water from the everglades spills into the salt water of The Gulf of Mexico and the Florida keys. This estuary is the only place On earth that alligators and crocodiles coexist.

Some of the species of Fish that you may encounter on a trip to flamingo will be Tarpon, Snook, Red fish, Trout, Jack crevelle, and many different species of sharks Including the prehistoric saw fish. There are over 200 different species.Of birds in Flamingo and Florida bay. And anyone from a novice to an Expert can enjoy a flats or back country fishing trip out of Flamingo.

Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys.:

Just minutes from Miami you can fish the flats of Biscayne Bay. This is Where the Florida Keys begin and some of the biggest bone fish in the World live. An average Bone fish from Biscayne Bay will run 7 to 8 lb.. And bone fish of over 10 lb.. Are common. Permit will also be found Feeding around the numerous grass flats found through out Biscayne Bay And the Florida keys. Tarpon can be found year round here, with the Months of March through July being a good time catch Tarpon.
And the months of May through June being the best time to sight fish Tarpon with Fly rod or spin or plug tackle. Most of the tarpon at this time of year will be migrating through Biscayne bay and down through the Florida keys and then they will return. Most of the Tarpon will run anywhere in the 60 to 120 lb. class. And this is the ultimate challenge on a Fly rod.

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If your tied up all day stuck in meeting and can’t get out during the day. Or just would like to get your first Tarpon on a fly rod or spinning tackle. You should try a night Tarpon fishing charter. The Tarpon will run around the 15 to 50 lb. class can be caught with great regularity, Under and around the lights throughout Miami’s south beach area. You can sight fish these Tarpon and we have hooked as many as 17 Tarpon on a fly rod in a single night.

These Tarpon come to feed on the shrimp that pour out of Miami’s north Biscayne Bay and are very willing to take a well presented fly or lure. Snook, Snapper, Lady Fish and Jacks are just some of the other fish you may encounter on a night Tarpon fishing trip out of Miami.


Rates for guided flats fishing charter
Full day 8 hrs. on the water 500.00
3/4 day 6 hrs. on the water 450.00
Halfday or 4 hrs on the water 400.00
Night tarpon fishing miami 4 hrs on the water 400.00
Full day 8 hours in Flamingo or the Keys 550.00

A deposit of 200.00 is required
to hold a day or night of fishing.
You can pay this by check
Send to.
Doug Lillard
5960 Southwest 37th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
(954) 894-9865

I run an 18 foot Hells Bay Marquesa flatsfishing skiff. This boat can pole silently into 8 inches of water, butt still has a very dry, smooth ride. It’s constructed of Kevlar and carbon fiber and is the best flats boat on the market today.