South Florida Fishing Guide

Fly fishing rods.
If you are after big tarpon or sharks on a flyrod. I’ve got you covered with some. Sage and G-Loomis 1- through 12 weight rods. And one Kennedy Fisher one piece 13-weight On these rods, I’ll have Billy Pate tarpon reel or an Abel No.4 rapid retrieve or Tibor Gulfstream reels all top of the line. Rigged and ready to go. I also use 3m scientific anglers intermediate lines or Cortland’s ghost tip floating with a clear intermediate sink tip.
Fly fishing rods. If you are after bonefish, permit, baby tarpon, snook, redfish and many of the other species of fish found throughout South Florida’s flats. I have 5 through 9-weight outfits with Sage and G-Loomis rods with Tibor Everglades Billy Pate bonefish, Abel 3n, Old Florida No.4, Lamson 3.5 reels, along with top quality line from sinking to floating from Cortland Rio and Scientific angler.
Fly fishing rods. When you’re sight fishing the flats of Biscayne Bay and the Keys, you will need a rod and reel specially designed for that job. Cape Fear advanced technology rods with hexagon technology is the best rod on the market today. You can cast a plain shrimp further with more accuracy than any other rod. These rods are also designed to cast a lure or jig up against a mangrove shore with great ease. I also use some rods from G-Loomis. You will need a reel with enough line capacity for the long run of a bonefish and be able to cast all day without any problems. For this I use Diawa 3500 II, 3500 emblem, 1600 reels. These are the best reel I’ve found for sight fishing.
Fly fishing rods. If you prefer to plug cast the mangroves, I have aShimano Calcutta 200 perfect for snook and redfish. For the Big tarpon some BG-20 spinning reels. Shimano 400 and 700 Calcutta plug casting reels. With a Shimano TLD 15 for bait fishing Big tarpon and sharks.
Fly fishing rods. For bait fishing, I have some Diawa BG-10 on a 6 foot graphite rod. Perfect for a shrimp and popping cork rig. And for the women and children, I have some outfits with a Diawa 1300 on a light weight rod that is very comfortable to fish with. But also top quality with a great drag system capable of landing any fish.
I trailer my boat. This allows me to move to the best areas during the course of a year. The fishing is constantly changing and I can move to the best fishing throughout the year.
My goal is to give you the trip of a lifetime and hook you up to the fish of your dreams.

  • US Coast Guard licensed and insured captain
  • Everglades National Park permitted guide
  • All fishing licenses provided
  • All bait and tackle provided
  • Top quality rods, reels, flies and lures.
  • Fish finder, depth-recorder and GPS unit
  • Iced cooler and fish cleaned
  • Iced cooler and fish cleaned
  • Boats trailered for your convenience and
  • to get to where the fish are biting