Fishing Reports

June 2008 Fishing Report for Miami Biscayne Bay

This is the best month of the year to fish the Miami’s inshore waters and the flats of Biscayne Bay. All three of the big species that are sought after in Flats fishing are available during this month. These would consist of Tarpon, Permit, and Bone Fish. This year we had some of the best Tarpon fishing ever. We had some days that we hooked as many as 15 Tarpon all over the 100 lb. class while bait fishing. Some nights we had hooked as many as 10 Tarpon while Fly Fishing.

Claude David and his buddy Jack came down from Montreal Canada to do some Tarpon fishing. They both hooked and caught several Tarpon both during the day trips and the night trips.

They had some great fishing just off Miami Beach with hundreds of Tarpon rolling around and hooked them on shrimp and Jig head and did some shrimp casting to lay up Tarpon. This is quite the show with so many Tarpon all around you whith Miami’s finest women catching some of Miami’s best sun rays.

Captain Doug

May 2008 Fishing Report for Key Biscayne Bay and Miami

Tarpon have been all over the Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay area through the month of May. We did have some bad weather days, but that is to be expected for this time of year. Even with the bad weather, we found lots of Bone Fish and a very good amount of large Permit in the 15 to 25 pound range. Some were even in the 30 plus pound range.

Shark fishing was also very good at this time of year with some very big Bull Sharks, Hammer Head Sharks, lots of Lemon Sharks and Spinner Sharks (also known as Black Tip Sharks) that are all just minutes from Miami and South Beach.

Michael and his two sons help Dad battle a 100lb Tarpon that we hooked while fishing inshore of Miami.

Peter Fuller split 2 half day trips of fishing with his two sons. They had some great fishing just off Miami Beach, hooking three big Tarpon. He ended up pulling the hook on one Tarpon and the other two Tarpon threw the hooks while jumping.

Then Peter caught one giant Permit off the flats of Biscayne Bay.

While his son was Shark fishing, he got a big Barracuda and a small Hammer Head Shark.

Captain Doug Lillard

April 2008 Fishing Report for Miami and Biscayne Bay

My good friend Ozzy (Oswaldo Saiki) had an open afternoon to go fishing with me. We decided to try to catch this giant Hammer Head Shark that was 12 to 13 feet long! The shark was in the Miami area eating Tarpon.

We first set out to catch bait. Ozzy caught some ladyfish and blue fish, both are very oily and sharks love to eat them. We also caught some nice sized Pompano that Ozzy brought home and had for dinner. After getting the bait, we headed back to Miami and set up for some shark fishing. I filleted the lady fish and blue fish and hung them off the back of the boat for chum. It did not take long for a bull shark to show up, but we both wanted to get the giant hammerhead shark so we did not put our bait in the water yet. After about 30 minutes of chumming, we had 3 big bull sharks and some big black tip sharks come and go very fast.

We decided to try for one of the Bull sharks and dropped the bait back into the chum line. They first came up and gave the bait a good look, circled around for a while until one could not stand it any longer, and ate the bait. We were hooked up using a Penn 975 International reel, spooled up with 30lb. spider wire braided line. This was going to be a long fight. After an hour, never seeing the shark for the whole time, she came along side the boat. It was HUGE! She was 10 feet long and around 400lbs. We were able to slip a gaff inside her mouth and secure a rope off her tail. We took the shark to some shallow water. Ozzy is a professional photographer and I wanted to get a shot of myself in the water with a giant Hammerhead, but this bull shark will do!

We pulled the shark into some shallow water near by to get set up to take the pictures. The shark was so fat that I could barely get my legs around her belly. Her head was so heavy I could hardly lift it out of the water. The whole time, I made sure the water was going through her gills and the shark was okay. After taking some very cool shots, it was time to set he shark free. I grabbed her dorsal fin and tail, pushed her into the deeper water when the shark started to swim on her own, but swam straight into the boat which she got stuck between the push pole and the boat. While she was confused and thrashing around, the shark could not find her way back to the deep waters. I went to get the shark by her tail and shoved her out between the boat and push pole, directing the shark in the right direction. This was by far the coolest and craziest short release I’ve ever had.

About 2 minutes later, Ozzy and I were back in the boat congratulating each other on a great job. We noticed that same shark heading straight back to the boat. This shark is on a mission I had my feet dangling in the water and quickly got them out and stood up. It swam right into the boat, banged into it HARD and then took off right straight where it came from.

Captain Doug

March 2008 Fishing Report for Biscayne Bay and Miami

We had some typical weather for March with strong winds and high overcast cloud cover , making sight fishing for Bonefish and Permit very difficult. We did have some good days this month for Bonefish, but when the conditions are tough for sight fishing I like to go for something better. Tarpons were around in okay numbers, not as solid as in years past, but enough Tarpons to get hooked up.

The Shark fishing was also very good this month. I think that on the windy, over cast days, it makes a great Shark fishing day, and the Biscayne Bay Miami area has lots of sharks to fish for. Most of the sharks were some very large Spinner Sharks. Some giant Bull Sharks up to 10 foot in length and over 400 lbs. This is pretty cool to see them in the inshore and Flats of Biscayne Bay. We also hooked into a couple big Hammerhead Sharks in the 8 to 10 foot class that just broke our gear.

Mark Schwan of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and his 15 year old son Sam, had some good fishing for both Tarpon and Sharks. Sam got his first Tarpon that weighed over 100 lbs. They also caught a bunch of Lemon and Nurse Sharks. They also hooked a couple of big Bull Sharks and some Black Tip Spinner Sharks.

January and February Miami Biscayne Bay Fishing Report 2008

Well we had another unseasonably warm and nice January with most of the day in the 70’s to 80’s and sunny. I t usually is one of the worst months of the year weather wise, but the past 2 years has been one of the best. The Tarpon bit was very good during the day and the night. With lots of Tarpon getting hooked and landed well over 100 pounds. Most all of the Tarpon caught during the day were on crabs. We got a lot of Tarpon during these past 2 months on Fly while fishing Miami at night. Most of the night Tarpon have been running around 30 to 70 pounds, but the big Tarpon in the 100 plus pound range have been coming while bait fishing. I took Brian Logan and his friend Kent out for night Tarpon fishing in Miami. Both guys hooked several Tarpon that night on fly and both got to land their first Tarpon on fly.

Bone fishing in the Biscayne Bay area has been very good these past couple of months. I’ve been finding schools of Bone fish running from 7 to 10 lbs. with a few 12 pounds mixed in. This is not uncommon to find such large Bone fish in this part of Biscayne Bay. I had a trip with an English Man named Steve Ogden, who wanted to fish his 10 foot spinning rods. This was very interesting to me to watch how well he could cast these rods. We hooked up on our first and second chances of Bonefish. He got one 8 lb. Bone fish and another around 31 inches which should be about 10 to 11 lbs. That’s pretty good fishing. After those two Bone fish, he went to the fly rod and had some shots, but could not get hooked up. Later we found plenty of Bluefish and big Ladyfish to play with on the fly rod. We also fished a night trip where Steve hooked and landed around a 50 lb. Tarpon on his 10 foot spinning rod. I thought that he would get his ass kicked by a Tarpon on such a long rod, but he landed it pretty quick with his tackle.

There have also been lots of sharks around these past couple months. I noticed some very large Spinner sharks and Black tip Sharks. Some very big Bull sharks, ranging from 6 to 10 feet long were around too. There have not been many Lemon sharks around, but the next couple months should be very good for them.